Welcome to VEX IQ Team 80516, the Tiger Hawks

Welcome to VEX IQ Team 80516, the Tiger Hawks! We are a Community Team from Boulder County, Colorado. We are competing in the 2017/18 VEX IQ Ringmaster challenge with the goal of qualifying for and traveling to Worlds in Louisville, Kentucky for our second year.

Our members range from 4th grade to 7th grade, and have a wide range of robotics-related interests. Last year we qualified for the VEX IQ Middle School World Championships, and made it to the Technology Division finals as the 7th seed of 77 teams!

We meet at least once a week to work on our VEX IQ robot designs and the challenge, and we have extra meetings occasionally to work on things like programming, driving practice, and our STEM project.

We’re constantly learning and striving to improve

We love to drive in teamwork challenges with lots of different teams and robots, and we try to learn something from every match. We particularly enjoy making a strategy with our teamwork partners, and although things don’t always go the way we’ve hoped and planned, it’s great when the plan works out and we get a great score with our partner team!

VEX IQ Team 80516 standings

Team 80516 had a great 2016-17 season, and we achieved our goal of making it to the Crossover World Championship. We learned a lot, and came together as a supportive team. All of last year’s team members decided to try it again for the 2017-18 Ringmaster season, and we added one new member!

VEX IQ Team 80516 logo - Tiger Hawks