Beginning this summer, the robotics teams from Erie Middle School will each be meeting to plan, build, program, and document a unique robot design showcasing their engineering abilities. Their robots will then compete in the 2018-2019 VEX Robotics Competition game, Turning Point. During short matches, the teams will work together with allied teams in order to score more points than opposing alliances.

Robotics teaches students engineering skills, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, time management, communication, research, a failure mindset, and other 21st century skills—all in a fun & engaging way. Statistics show that there are over 8 million unfilled STEM careers in the US.

The Erie Middle School VEX Robotics Club is welcoming many new robotics students as we enter our 2nd year, and we believe we will be competitive within the state of Colorado. Two of our new members placed second in the world at the 2018 VEX IQ World Championships.