Robot-CYO Tournament earned us another Excellence Award!

By Bethany | Today in the early qualification matches things didn’t go particularly well. We didn’t get very high scores, mostly because of troubles getting on the bridge with our allies. We were in 8th or 9th place when we got paired with Chazak for match # 36.

Our strategy with Chazak was for them to grab all 4 hex balls off the wall and score them while we were doing the same with orange. The bridge would start tilted to our side and we would cross over to them so that we could go on the bridge first with them coming up behind us. We did the bridge this way because their robot, which is so much heavier than ours, would tip the bridge if they went on first. If the lighter robot, which is often ours, goes on first it is much easier to balance.

After our match with Chazak, where we scored 63 points, we became 2nd place and they became 1st. We stayed in 2nd place until our last match, where we scored 55 points with Juggernaut, which brought us up to 1st.

In the finals match we were paired with Chazak again, and used the same strategy. This time we were able to do it much faster and we scored 65 points with 25 seconds left on the clock! This got us a Teamwork Champion award.

We presented our STEM project for the 2nd time, after making lots of changes and additions to it based on the last tournament. We did better than last time, but we still have much room to improve.

In the skills challenges, early in the morning we were in 1st place with a combined score of 70 (55 for driving and 15 with the new program). Then Chazak managed to get a combined score of 101 and we managed to get a combined score of 100 (45 with the old program). While we were trying to get our new program to score 65, Chazak scored 65 in driving skills and 61 in programming, putting them at a combined score of 126, getting them the skills champion award and putting them at #12 on the world skills board. We were impressed!

Our interview with the judges went pretty well, but could have gone better. We need to practice answering interview questions so we are all more prepared. They were very impressed by our engineering journal, especially Maia’s SnapCAD model of the robot.

During the awards ceremony, we got the Excellence Award, and Chazak got the Design Award. It was a great day of competition, and we were happy to get to work with Chazak in two different matches. We also got lots of practice balancing on the bridge with VERY big robots!

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