Fall River Tournament Report

By Maia | The Fall River Elementary VEX IQ tournament was awesome!  After we got our robot checked in, we presented our STEM Project.  The judges thought it was great, which made us feel good because we had been working so hard on it.

After STEM, we went to the Skills area to get some driving and programming in.  Driving went okay and we scored 65 points.  Our program didn’t do so well. It seemed to have some bugs it in.

The Teamwork matches were okay.  Usually I like to be the second driver, but for one match I drove first and got four hexballs in the high goals before driver switch! For the teamwork finals, we were paired with a very large robot and we knew it would be very hard to get balanced on the bridge with them.  Our drivers got several hexballs in the goals and got both robots on the bridge, but we weren’t balanced at the final buzzer.  Luckily our score was still enough to get us first place!

Our final score of 95 got us first place in Skills, also. We were really excited that we earned the STEM Project award because we had not gotten that before and we were really proud of our work.  To top it off, we earned our third Excellence Award of the season!

I am very proud of my team for their hard work on the STEM Project and getting first place in Teamwork and Skills.  We will be working on fixing our program later on.

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