Team 80516 is Going to Worlds!!!!

By Bethany | Today was the Colorado State Championship for VEX IQ, and it was AWESOME!

We started by presenting our STEM research project, which went pretty well. It was fast, and the judges only asked two questions. We remembered all of our lines and nobody made any mistakes.

We moved on to running the program after passing inspection. It didn’t do very well (only 30 points), but we eventually realized why. It was very bright where the fields were, and that messed up our color sensor, which searches for black lines.

Driving skills went better, with Parker and Dylan scoring 65 points.

Teamwork went very well, although some of the 10 matches went better than others. We were the final match in the finals, paired with Chazak, and managed to score 65 points, which got us teamwork champions and qualified us for the VEX IQ World Championships! Our right gear train was barely working during the finals match, and balancing the bridge was very hard, but we made it!!!

We were given the Middle School Excellence Award, which also qualified us for worlds. We were very happy to hear that we got to keep the massive banners for our robotics lab, but we have no idea where to put them.

We are also so excited that Team Chazak qualified for worlds, too, and we are happy to be making the trip to worlds with them.

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