VEX IQ Crossover World Championship

By Bethany | The first day of the world championship went very well. We placed multiple high scores and, for a short amount of time, we were even in 1st place for our division, with the highest average teamwork score.

We presented our STEM project, traded pins, and submitted our Engineering Journal for review. We managed to qualify for the Technology Division finals as the 7th seed out of 77 teams.

The team was asked to be interviewed on live television, and I got to talk while Dylan Baer drove a clawbot (our robot was currently competing in a match).

We met teams from all over the world, including China, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

The design interview went well, with the judges asking the usual questions, such as “What roles did each person play?”, and “How did you come up with this design?”. They came back a second time during the TV interview and asked similar questions.

In one qualifying match, our robot stopped working while we were waiting in line. We had to drive the placebo bot, which was just a clawbot. The placebo robot was broken but still driveable, so we continued the match using the broken placebo bot. From that match we learned to keep on going even when things don’t go particularly well.

Overall, our first time at worlds was really fun. We learned a lot from the other robots and teams, placed 7th for the qualifying matches in the Technology Division, and drove in the division Finals. The Crossover season was a great one, and the Tiger Hawks are looking forward to the new challenge: Ringmaster.