Debut of “GrabbyScori” Robot at CECFC Tournament

By Bethany | Today’s tournament went very well, and was a good debut of our new robot, named “GrabbyScori.” Our program scored 94 points out of the 180 we’ve gotten on our practice field, because it was moving too far left when scoring. We hope to fix this before our next competition. In driving, some things went wrong, but we still scored 177 points. In total, we scored 271, putting us at 13th place on the Worlds VEX IQ middle school scoreboard.

Teamwork went very well. We implemented many new strategies, and nearly all of them worked. A couple of times, we didn’t coordinate where on the field the robots would be, leading to collisions. From this, we learned that it is important to consider every part of a strategy.

There was one specific issue with the program that should probably be fixed soon. There is a 1-inch allowance when it comes to fields, and rings are often written on. The writing definitely doesn’t alter anything by an inch, but our color sorter sometimes seems to see the writing instead of the ring. This causes our color sorter to sort rings incorrectly.

We learned a lot about sportsmanship from other teams at the event. One team’s controller almost never connected, but they kept smiling. Another team had their program break again and again, and yet they continued trying until it worked.

Qualification Match Scores


Average: 111, Seed: 1

Finals Match Score



Driving high score: 177
Program high score: 94
Total skills score: 271
World skills ranking: 13


Robot Skills Champion
Teamwork Champion
STEM Award
Excellence Award

Things to Focus on Before Next Tournament

  • Practice STEM script more
  • Improve program’s ring scoring; clean up code and make it more robust
  • Continue practicing driving
  • Work on robot design to try to prevent dropping rings
  • Practice not interrupting each other during interviews

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