On Saturday 10, three of our teams competed in the scrimmage at the Innovation Center. (80516E, 80516G, 80516X). All of our teams learned a lot about not only robot design but sportsmanship and how tournaments run. Here are some of the biggest things that we learned:

  1. Safety glasses must be worn at all times while driving a match.
  2. If a team is absent from a match they’re supposed to be driving, they do not receive points. However, if their robot is on the field (even if it doesn’t do anything) they do receive their alliance’s score.
  3. (Team 80516E) Our lift is too tall to lift outside of the expansion zone!
  4. (Team 80516E) Our lift skips. We probably need to add another tower to our lift to make it able to lift caps. We also need to work on our code to make our intakes run.
  5. It can be hard to find time for judges’ interviews in between matches.


Team 80516E: 9th place

Team 80516G: ?

Team 80516X: 7th place


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Innovation Center Scrimmage Follow-Up