Northridge Elementary VEX IQ Tournament qualified us for State Championship!

By Bethany | The Northridge Elementary VEX IQ tournament went VERY well for our team. Our average for teamwork was 34.2 points! Our combined skills score was 108, which puts us at 15th in the world (then we later found out that we’re actually 10th!)! We were very proud of our Sportsmanship trophy, because sportsmanship was one of our weaknesses at previous competitions and scrimmages. For the first time ever, other teams were high-fiving when they got paired with us!!! The three trophies we received were Sportsmanship (yay!), Teamwork Champions, and Skills Champions. The tournament told us that there weren’t enough teams for Teamwork to qualify us for state, but shortly after we heard that they were wrong and we did qualify for state! Yay! They didn’t have the trophy for Sportsmanship, but promised they’ll get it to us later.

Trophies from Northridge Elementary VEX IQ Tournament were Teamwork Champion, Robot Skills Champion, and Sportsmanship

The Rocky Mountain Rumble and a trophy for Programming Skills Champion!

By Bethany | Today was our first competition, with 41 teams. We did lots of programming and driving skills runs, and finally our program scored 30 points. For most of the programming runs, the program overshot the bridge, so that’s something we’ll need to fix. Driving skills went well, and we scored 33 points twice, same as at the scrimmage. Our combined driving and programming score was 63, so we were the Robot Skills Champion team for the event. We had the highest programming score, so we got a trophy for programming. The boys like holding it over their heads victoriously.

The teamwork challenges didn’t go very well. We never got two robots on the bridge, and we think that we may need to redesign and make it narrower.

VEX IQ Programming Skills trophy

Build/Skills/Scrimmage in Loveland was a great start to the competition season

By Bethany | Today we had a scrimmage at the community center in Loveland. We hoped to see what other team’s robots looked like but most teams were just starting. Some teams had clawbots but we were one of two teams (the other was Juggernaught, from the Berthoud Robotics club) with more complicated robots. We did lots of practice for the driving skills challenge with a score of 3 in our first match and 33 by the end of the day.

In a scrimmage teamwork match with the team Juggernaught, we were able to get two robots on a balanced bridge and scored 36 points. We have started coming up with ways to score in the goals within the 1-minute time limit.

On a balanced bridge with Juggernaught