2018 Colorado State VEX IQ Championships

Here are some thoughts from the team on this year’s state championships.


We did great at the 2017-2018 VEX IQ state championship. We got the Robot skills champion award and the Teamwork skills champion award. We drove with many other robots that helped to get us prepared for worlds and they were great at cooperating and we helped each other a lot. We are excited to go to worlds with other robots that we know of and meet ones that we don’t yet know. I love to meet new teams from all over the world and collaborate with them while driving and while just walking around and checking out other people’s robots. At states we had one big problem with our robot and we worked through it. It helped us to see how to fix certain problems and how to overcome them and drive well in the match. At states we also put up our biggest score at a tournament so far with the team The Brobots. Overall, our tournament went really well even though we had to overcome problems because having had to work through the problems, we learned so much that we can now take to Worlds.


We had a very successful and very exciting Colorado Vex IQ State Championship. While we waited for the Teamwork matches to start, we ran our program and drove Skills. Our program had a few malfunctions, and we learned a lot from them. We definitely have a few ideas for how we can improve our program for Worlds. Driving skills went very well, and we ended up scoring 183 points. After we had used up all of our skills runs, we looked at other robot designs to see what other teams had come up with. There were tons of interesting drive bases and lifts, and we noticed that a lot of teams grab rings off of the wall.

Teamwork matches started, and we got plenty of good pairings. We drove with a Berthoud team, and we ended up averaging 172.125 points. We drove with the Bro Bots and we won the finals with a score of 253 points.

We also learned a lot about sportsmanship and perseverance from the other teams at the event. Many teams had malfunctioning robots, rough matches, and other disappointments. However, they emerged from each difficulty with a smile. We hope to emulate this and face adversity with a positive attitude.

In conclusion, we had a very successful and exciting Colorado Vex IQ State Championship. We ended up winning the Robot Skills Champion Award and the Teamwork Champion Award. We learned a lot about how to improve our program, and just as much about sportsmanship and perseverance. We got to meet many teams we hadn’t seen before, and we saw quite a few interesting robot designs.


Personally, I thought states could have gone better than it did. We got driving matches that could’ve had great scores, but we messed up at some point during the drive and got a lower score than anticipated. It felt kind of relieving to say that we already had skills in our grasps, and we didn’t have to do anymore diving. While we didn’t get the scores we wanted, they were still pretty high. I got nervous to see the bro-bots post a 138 on their first match. Of course it was disappointing to not win Excellence, but I’ll take skills and teamwork; we can focus more on driving instead of judging at worlds.


I think that the 2017-2018 VEX iq state championship was a great Success! We won 2 awards, Teamwork Champion, and the Skills Champions award. We had a good experience with our other companions that we worked with, we spent a lot of time cheering on other teams and cooperated well. I liked walking around the pits and seeing other people’s robots, and giving compliments and criticism. I think that one of the greatest achievements is that we are 3rd in the world out of 2545 other middle school teams. I am super happy that the Row-Bots get to go to worlds. I am excited to got to Louisville, Kentucky for Worlds and have fun meeting other teams, even though some may be from other places and speak other languages. I Can’t wait for Kentucky Kingdom (;

Team 80516 is Going Back to Worlds!

By Coach Michelle | The Tiger Hawks had a great day at the Colorado VEX IQ Ringmaster State Championship, and got to drive with a wide variety of elementary and middle school teams from Colorado’s front range. As always, they learned a lot about teamwork and their robot, both from their successes and their challenges.

At the end of the day, they emerged as Teamwork Champions and Robot Skills Champions. They also held onto their #3 rank in the Middle School World Skills Standings, and they’re going back to the VEX IQ World Robotics Championships in Louisville, Kentucky, for the 2nd year in a row!

We’re excited to see Colorado so well represented at Worlds, and we’re especially happy to be traveling with a couple teams that have become friends of ours this season – Team 1069K–Kryptonite–from Berthod Robotics Club, and Team 6883T–the Row-Bots–from Precision Robotics.

Worlds starts on April 29, and we’ll try to post updates while we’re there (if time and WiFi allow it). It might be possible to watch live-streamed matches and see scores in real-time; the webcast tab at Robot Events should have options and info during the event.

Debut of “GrabbyScori” Robot at CECFC Tournament

CECFC awards

By Bethany | Today’s tournament went very well, and was a good debut of our new robot, named “GrabbyScori.” Our program scored 94 points out of the 180 we’ve gotten on our practice field, because it was moving too far left when scoring. We hope to fix this before our next competition. In driving, some things went wrong, but we still scored 177 points. In total, we scored 271, putting us at 13th place on the Worlds VEX IQ middle school scoreboard.

Teamwork went very well. We implemented many new strategies, and nearly all of them worked. A couple of times, we didn’t coordinate where on the field the robots would be, leading to collisions. From this, we learned that it is important to consider every part of a strategy.

There was one specific issue with the program that should probably be fixed soon. There is a 1-inch allowance when it comes to fields, and rings are often written on. The writing definitely doesn’t alter anything by an inch, but our color sorter sometimes seems to see the writing instead of the ring. This causes our color sorter to sort rings incorrectly.

We learned a lot about sportsmanship from other teams at the event. One team’s controller almost never connected, but they kept smiling. Another team had their program break again and again, and yet they continued trying until it worked.

Qualification Match Scores


Average: 111, Seed: 1

Finals Match Score



Driving high score: 177
Program high score: 94
Total skills score: 271
World skills ranking: 13


Robot Skills Champion
Teamwork Champion
STEM Award
Excellence Award

Things to Focus on Before Next Tournament

  • Practice STEM script more
  • Improve program’s ring scoring; clean up code and make it more robust
  • Continue practicing driving
  • Work on robot design to try to prevent dropping rings
  • Practice not interrupting each other during interviews