First Ringmaster Tournament!

By Coach Michelle and the team | The team attended their first Ringmaster event–the Red Hawk VEX IQ Robot Challenge–on Saturday, December 9th. Here are several team members’ thoughts on the event and how it went. Enjoy!


“I think that the tournament was a big success. It was fun to cheer our team on with the tiger mascot. I think it is cool that we already qualified for state at our first tournament. Skills went really well, but we had trouble with the program. The robot kept bumping the wall. Our main strategy was to do the ground rings and score on the posts and let the other team do the bonus bin and wall rings. I think it was a really fun and successful tournament over all.”


“I think that the tournament went very well. We ended up not getting our best score for skills, but that was the only bad thing and it wasn’t that bad. Our program scored a 27 which was the reason we won skills. Our teamwork skills were amazing, averaging 90 points per game. Plus in Finals we won with a 132! I think this tournament has been the best overall for us ever.”


“I say the competition was fun. The team I voted for sportsmanship didn’t get it. I enjoyed scoring all the points we did.  Winning with the Spudniks was also fun.”


“I think the competition went well, it was really fun and the team worked well together good. I saw the two people who were driving calmly talking to each other about what to do. When the drivers came back from a match, the rest of the team would congradulate them. I think we could improve our sportsmanship by making sure to congradulate both teams in each match. I think we could improve our driving strategy by trying to make it so our robot doesn’t miss as many rings. Overall, I think we had a great competition and we did really well for our first competition.”


“We did skills and got 92. We did programming and got 27.

Stradagy: Our stradagy to grab rings of the floor was good because most other teams only grabbed rings of the wall, or aimed for the ramp so the combanation was good.

Things to improve: Our robot sometimes got jammed when we picked up a ring and it got stuck under the ramp and made it so we couldnt score rings.

Things we did well at: We did well in skills and won teamwork. We also were improving on Teamwork in the later rounds. I Believe we did very good in the Finals because both Teams (ours and the Yellow Spudniks) were good at cooperating.

Awards: Skills, Teamwork, Eccllence, STEM”